Hatch and History fail in side views

@pascal, i guess i’ve found out what caused the problem discussed here, if a _Hatch with history enabled is created eg. in Front or Right viewports, it fails to update. (V5 and V6)


Just to add my findings on this one…

Model: rectangle on the XZ (Front) CPlane and a history-enabled hatch.

When selecting the rectangle and then moving it, the command line echoes:

Command: _Move
Point to move from ( Vertical=No ):
Point to move to <330.00>:
History updated 1 object.
The “Move” command created 1 bad objects.

That means that history does update the hatch but it gets squashed into a bad object. Depending on what hatch was used, you can or cannot see traces of it in the viewport.


RH-38726 is fixed in the latest WIP