Has Apple gone mad?

updating to Big Sur today because i could not get some stuff running which nobody from mcneel seemed to have issues with, i realised some pretty nasty downfalls.

the good thing is upgrading solved an issue i had with printing pdfs (meaning guys from mc neel pls either fix this bug on Mojave or change the minimum requirements)

now to the bad things:
i always hated the loss of screen real estate on top of the app which one can avoid by using the theatricaly slow and useless apple native fullscreen, which i did not, since it is not user friendly switching quickly between apps.

but now apple has introduced such huge chunky window titles and toolbars that i think i am going to switch sex because i see no other way out.

no seriously when the OS gets so much in the way opposing itself more important than the actually app running i want to switch back to windows or avoid computer all together.

now my wish to McNeel, can somebody please customise this part finally, and make it native Rhino. even if i shrink that toolbar away i have a bigger blob on top.


Hi -

You received the following answer to that yesterday:

So, no, upgrading to Big Sur won’t change that.

Which version of Rhino 7 are you running, Richard?

hi wim, currently i am running 7.5.21068.13002, 2021-03-09