Harware choice for Rhino & Grasshopper

Hi, I want to invest in a new workstation, could you give me some advice on graphic cards and hard drives?
I am looking for an SSD hard drive and a graphic card supporting OpenGL - I need it mainly for Rhino + Grasshopper + 3DsMax + Vray. Has anyone had a look on thehardware choice recently? Good value to prize?
Thanks in advance!


I’m also about to update my system and found this link to hardware recommendations very informative. Included is a link to NVIDIA graphics card tests, and another link to ‘designed for Rhino’ systems - good for specification comparisons.

I like this site for storage performance comparisons:

As you’ll see with a quick look around recent posts on this forum, video card choices for Rhino are not a cut and dry matter.

Check grasshopper3d forum, david has written explanations to guide through hardware selection.