Here a script to make 3D Harmonograph. It follows a question from the old forum and this old thread.

Harmonograph_3d.gh (17.7 KB)
Using Dendro to add some solid shape

Then QuadRemesh and Subd


That 2nd picture is great! Worth a gallery post and a bit more explanation!

no problem for explanation. The only problem I see with this method is that there are so many coefficients that it i easy to not be able to do 2 times the same structures. So you must use “Save state” if a shape is cool.
So use this script, I save 2 states.
Harmonograph_3d.gh (15.3 KB)
I generate this curve

The “thickness” is mainly given by the damping.
Then apply Dendro to the curve. The radius is divided by 3 for the voxel size.
No mesh adaptivity, I find it best for smoothing.

I baked (but can be done in Grasshopper)

Apply “QuadRemesh”, I made no change to the parameters

Then ToSubD (no change in paramtersà, some material, environment and you have an organic shape


Thanks. It looks great!