Hardware recommendation for creating lattice-structures with Grasshopper


can anyone give me some recommendations on which hardware would be the best for creating and editing large lattice-structures with grasshopper and dealing with huge meshes (doing intersections etc., over 1 billion vertices and faces)?
Right now the CPU is the bottleneck. Since Grasshopper is sometimes using only one core, I need a CPU with a outstanding single core performance.

The best processor for my requirements that I found online is the Intel I9 13900KS. Is it really the best one out there or does anyone know if there are better options? Maybe the AMD Ryzen 9 9750X or workstation or server processors like Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc? The price is irellevant for now.

Is 128 Gb of RAM enough for creating meshes this big or do I need a workstation CPU for RAM-reasons anyway?

Thanks a lot in advance