Hardware question

I use the same 3dm file and gh loop definition on 2 PC
First is laptop I7 7700HQ 32G ram
2nd is E5 2687W 16G ram
I noticed my 7700hq is faster than E5 2687W but some cpu bench on the web say
exactly the opposite.
Does the amount of ram have an impact on speed performance, is there an advice
to build or buy a station with Ryzen or Intel , ram quantity?

Look at the single core scores of the 7700hq, they are better. Rhino Gh is mostly single core. RAM also helps.

I personally buy only AMD for a long list of reasons which is not wise to discuss here.

Looking only at performance, you want to be as high as possible in this list PassMark CPU Benchmarks - Single Thread Performance (synthetic benchmarks not 100% accurate, but that list surely give a nice idea overall)

Then, consider the cost to compare not of the CPU alone, but the sum of:
- fan/cooler (if fan not included in CPU package)
- motherboard


Please just google a little bit about UserBenchmark.
If you bring up synthetic benchmarks then please only those that are serious, for example those that are used by established tech media. Not UserBench.

Here are actual users benchmarking multi as well as single core performance:

Yep, you have to scroll down quite a bit to reach the singlecore scores :sweat_smile:

Thx all for reply, it seems single core clock is the key

It’s not. IPC is more relevant.
Clock alone won’t tell you much.
Here a comparison of some CPU at the same clock speed: different performance.

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No thanks! Can’t read that site you sent and I know what I’m talking about :grinning: The results in this case provided the answers needed.

BTW: In fact this is the key (Puget Systems articles/publications about anything):

Thx again, I can say there’s a huge difference of speed between my 2 computers, I understand it’s like a car, not only the tyres make it faster…but it does in a way :slight_smile:

In fact it’s like a 2 sports cars race: one very fast for you/me/anyone and one well below average for Sir Lewis Hamilton. Can you guess the winner?

Moral: good code always beats fast computer (i.e. if you think that you need a fast computer to solve your issues … quite propably something is wrong with your code/goals).

Ok but it’s all about what is your goal, it’s confortable to work with a fast computer, but for my job ,what I’m able to do is more important than computer speed.
Anyway I’m level zero at programming Py or else
Should I go for learning one of them?

Thst’s a rhetoric question eh?

If you are in the AEC market sector learn C# otherwise learn C# or some other.

Other than that: assume that you have 10++K (or more) closed planer Polylines and you want to Cluster them for containment. You can do that in 10000+ milliseconds or in ~100 (using an ancient I5)… so BEFORE spending big dollars on the car learn how to drive fast (and not to crash).

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I googled AEC market, I’m french ^^
I’m using gh for years in high jewelry crafting mostly with iterative definitions

Do you think C# is more capable than gh, I never have to simulate thousands of curves optimisation or rarely need solvers like in architecture.
But I’m curious, is C# too high step for me and my goal?

GH is a general purpose graphical editor (so to speak) - where the components are written in some sort of language like C# (or C#). That said I always cut the mustard solely via code.

So your question about what’s more capable has no meaning: kinda asking if an Ariel Atom 3 is better than the enginnering that make it happen. On the other hand the enginnering can made various similar weapons (BTW: don’t drive an Ariel unless you know very well what are you doing).

Ok hmmm, so let me ask the same question another way
Why did you choose C# instead of Py for example?

I run/own an AEC practice: where a variety of apps collaborate under a BIM umbrella /environment. Meaning that the R/GH combo are out of question as first violins (but they can play a role anyway).

These apps (but most importantly apps that have to do with meta data management) are developed trying to satisfy “average” client/market requests while are in a constantly evolving state (with the usual issues/bugs waiting been(?) resolved(?) in the next(?) update - and pigs do fly).

So … one has 2 options: either rely on some sort of Karma (and wait others to come to a resque) or take control and drive that Ariel at WOT. That sort of control is only possible via code.

So the language of choice is simply the “common development” area that “fits” better into the apps used (and the propability to hire top-dog experts because that game is a teamwork game). For AEC this is C# .

GH is a programming language, a visual one.
With GH you can do sort of anything, like with other languages.
For example with GH I’ve created animated .svg to use in some websites.

With c# you can do that and more, iterative solutions are much more feasible, faster execution, threading, etc etc… but the skill required is higher, the code is more abstract than the blocks in gh.
There are some rare cases where I’d say a visual programming language like gh can do stuff that would be impossible with normal code, just imo.

Anyway, this is going OT.

That’s clear now, thx

To sum-up the initial thread puzzle: If you want to beat anyone in a track day you don’t need big dollars => you just need 2 things: Skills/experience and this:

I’m not sure but my pinky told me there’s a kind of attraction between you and this car…