Hardware acceleration lost in every prompt

Hi @jeff and @stevebaer,

in wip version (6.0.14316.5541, 12.11.2014) i am having a problem with hardware acceleration in every prompt. The display runs snappy and fine if no prompt is active, but a soon as i start to draw a box, a line or while rhino asks for a point, the display seems to run without any acceleration.

Once the prompt for a point is over, proper acceleration gets restored.

any thoughts ?


The display doesn’t switch in and out of hardware acceleration quite that easily. Something is getting in the way and causing a slow down.

The only thing that comes to mind is that there has been a considerable amount of work on the gumball lately. If you turn off the gumball, do you get ‘peppy’ display again.

I’ve filed two issues relating to what I think you’re reporting @clement

@stevebaer you can remote my machine if you need.

Hi Steve, it does not change with gumball on or off. There is no gumball visible if i draw eg. a line. The acceleration is gone when i drag around objects too, not only during prompts. This is now while using version (6.0.14322.10041, 18.11.2014). Anything else i can try to get rid of it ?


Hey Clement,
We’re a bit confused. By ‘acceleration is gone’ do you mean that

  • the display is much slower at updating?
  • the display looks not quite as crisp (aliased)?
  • both?


Hi Steve, case one only. The display speed is degraded drastically.

i can sort out that it has anything to do with aliasing as i have this OFF. (Radeon card). My wip rund with defaults, no custom workspace loaded so far.


I’m afraid I’m at a loss at what the cause could be at the moment. @jeff, anything change in “GetPoint” type display lately?

Hi Steve and Brian,

after i´ve seen Brians video i can confirm that my problem is not related to the one Brian reported. These are different things. One thing i noticed that when i do a fence selection, the selection rectangle takes a long time untill it appears on screen. Somehow all operations do have a heavy latency.

Only if i´m not inside a command, or not dragging things, the speed seems to be snappy.


Not that I’m aware of…The only thing I can think of that would slow things down during feedback is if the “Do not use OpenGL for drawing feedback…” option is CHECKed. Has anyone else been able to reproduce this with their machines? I’m not seeing here.

Clement, how are you gauging this? To confirm that it is indeed a problem brought on by feedback, and not possibly other issues with other viewports, please confirm your problem by doing this:

  1. Maximize your perspective viewport and close any/all floating viewports
  2. Rotate/tumble the viewport and visually gauge the viewport’s speed/performance.
  3. Select one object and drag it around and gauge the performance.
  4. Draw something, like a circle and gauge the performance.

Do steps 3 and 4 appear to run slower than step 2?

I currently have limited access to my computer this week, so I might not be able to reply immediately…so please be patient.


These are not the same thing and have nothing to do with acceleration or performance.

Hi Jeff, i think you nailed it.

it was checked over here! If i uncheck it, the speed during a get point operations are fast as usual.

During Step 1 and 2 very fast, behaviour as usual.

During step 3, once i start dragging, the movement of the dragged object is very jerky. (This is the case regardless of the setting “Do not use OpenGL for drawing feedback…” checked or unchecked.

When i do step 4, it stutters only if “Do not use OpenGL for drawing feedback…” is checked, if it is unchecked it runs fast as usual.

So to give a summary, at the moment only dragging (or moving) of objects and display of the fence selection rectangle is slow. The initally reported problem while beeing in a prompt can be influenced (solved) by unchecking “Do not use OpenGL for drawing feedback…”.


That’s great news. @jeff, do you think we even need this option anymore?

Not with the new engine… There will be no “secondary” engine whatsoever. However, I guess the real question here is why did Clement have this option CHECKed in the first place? What other problem existed that caused him the check this option?



Hi Jeff,

no idea why it was (or has been) checked in the wip. I do not have it checked in V5 either.

The only problem left for me now is, why is it still slow when moving or dragging objects ? It is quite noticable, eg. when i move a single point object in an empty document.


I too have the same problem
I put the video in this thread to see what happens