Hardcode token in java

maybe i am, missing something simple, but it there a way to hardcode token to java as in python?

i 'd like to replace:
RhinoCompute.authToken = RhinoCompute.getAuthToken()
to something like:
RhinoCompute.authToken =“tokenhere”
to skip popup asking for token, when playing around with resthopper.

*i am running simplehttpserver via python from local drive

bonus question

is there API documentation to:
RhinoCompute.Grasshopper ??


In JavaScript you would write

RhinoCompute.authToken = "Bearer <token>"

Remember to remove your token before sharing your code.

There aren’t any docs, yet, as we’re still experimenting. You can check out the samples to see how it works currently.

Thanks, that was the missing peace. Great work i see the great potential here.

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