Hard hardware decisions

Hi PC/CAD geeks, Windows 7 on my Precision M4700 shit the bed.

Should I? …

A. Upgrade to a Precision 4800 now (quad i7-4940MX Haswell)
B. Just re-image, and wait for Broadwell (early next year I think?)

I want top performance for CAD, right now I use both desktop and laptop and I’m tired of the double life, so I rather get the best laptop I can. Oh, I don’t want to upgrade more frequently than ~ every 2 years. It’s a hassle and a waste of money.

Related: I can;t wait for Rhino to ask me to login and all my settings/plugins just show up. Hopefully @pascal can lobby hard for us, the busy users with dying computers for this one wish.

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+1 !!!

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