Hard drive serial number

Under validation of Rhino: (http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/validation) the following passage is written as an option to install rhino for imaging.

“Image your computers and use the option to also image the serial number of the hard drive. If the serial number of the hard drive is the same on all the computers, the validation will not need to be done for each of the cloned computers. Please refer to the image software Help or support for the details of how to configure this. Some already use this option by default.”

1: Is the serial number of the hard drive the hard disk volume serial number or the hard disk hardware serial number?

Hope someone can help me with this question, and any link to help configure this as mentioned in the text is appreciated

  1. You are never not able to clone the manufacturers serial number of the hard drive, there remains only Volume-ID (VSN)

I see, thank you for the response