Hands-On Desktop Prototyping For Designers Workshop


Learn about the fundamentals of 3D printing, the free tools available to get started, and the materials and processes used to bring your ideas out of the computer and into the world.

More Info: http://lab.modecollective.nu/lab/hands-on-desktop-prototyping-for-designers-2/

About this Workshop:

Powerful, affordable, and user-friendly 3D printing enables millions of creative individuals to design and develop the products of tomorrow. Producing a professional-grade prototype on your desktop has become a realistic option for making and testing your ideas. Learn about the differences between the various types of 3D Printing technology from Fused Deposition Modeling to Stereolithography and get hands-on knowledge on how to turn your digital model into a physical and precise prototype.


Interior designers, architects, designers, representatives, and anyone who is interested in learning more about 3D printing and how this disruptive technology is impacting design.

About the Instructor:

Ronnie Parsons is an architect and expert in the field of generative design. As the co-founder of Mode Lab, a knowledge platform for creative professionals, he combines his expertise in design, technology, and education to help foster innovation across a dynamic, ever-evolving design community.