Handling loads of layouts on mac?

I am wondering, anybody here with an idea of how to handle large number of layouts on mac? I mean, none of the plugins work on mac (fab tools, real drawings), I also haven’t found a way how to make it through grasshopper - thinking about having the list in some csv file and creating layouts externally…but don’t know. Does anybody have any experience, recommendation?


Hi @petumatr,

You might have a peek at the Rhino for Mac WIP, as it has a new Layouts panel.

– Dale

Hi @dale
thank you, definitely a great feature. What do you think about the idea of the possibility of gathering layout into sets / groups? It would help to organize the layouts even better! See Wish - Layout groups

Is it possible to consider such a feature?


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Hi Petr - this request is on the list as RH-28175. I have added your picture to the report.


Great! Thanks @wim