Handling different Conduit classes

Hi there,

I am currently experimenting with the DisplayConduit class.
I am following the guidelines described here, fully aware of this:

Another thing to realize is that there can be many other active conduits present as well. There is no way of telling which one will be called first. It is important to consider how your display conduits will interact with other conduits potentially called within the pipeline by other developers. Do not write display conduit code that intentionally disrupts other conduits.

However, for the application I am developing, I must (as far as I know :sweat_smile:) to use different Conduit classes. I guess that’s fine because they are called based on events so I know exactly which one is called first.
But when it comes to rendering, it’s results in something pretty much overlapping and messy

So my question would be: Is there a way to handle that, something like EnableDepthWriting but across classes?

several of my commands use conduits to hold geometry while in the command, prior to doc.object’ing from them on completion of the command.

I face the problem that when a second command starts up, (different plugin) the geometry from the first command (still in the conduit??) will appear in the second command, even though both are completely different plugins the the first one exited with conduit.enabled = false and the second command started a new conduit class.

I could not find a way to completely dispose of the first conduit, so i dispose of the geometry on exit instead.

Hi @PaulPoinet,

I guess we need more information on what you are doing and why. Specifically, what are your conduits doing? Do you have some code you can share? How about a screen shot of “overlapping and messy”?

– Dale

Hi @dale,
Thank you for the reply,
Actually @fraguada helped me and we managed to make it work by just handling separately DrawForeground and PreDrawObjects !