Halloween WIP: raytraced doesn't play well with properties tab(s)

With all the other display modes, switching from layer to properties and among the various properties sub displays works fine. Even after switching back to one of them after trying out raytraced.
Properties selections seem to get lost when switching a scene with two objects from one object to the other or to the background (no object selected).
Example: switch from layers to properties with one object selected, then click on the background and try to click the various option icons in properties.

Also: raytraced still shows the whole object even though it’s cut by a cutting plane in all other display modes. When switching from another mode to raytraced the raytraced view initially shows the object as cut, but when the actual raytraced view stars working, it shows the whole object.

Otherwise, raytraced is really coming of age! Rotation response is good, gets to a pretty good image in a more respectable time, and color contrast, etc. looks good out of the box. (3 ghz 6 core Xeon, Nvidia K4000.)

Properties tab is already reported as RH-42334. Note that the problem can be repeated even without Raytraced.

Clipping planes aren’t yet supported. You can enable them for Raytraced, but they are crashy, and may even freeze the entire machine. So out of the box there are no Clipping Planes for Raytraced. If you search in the advanced options you should be able to find the correct setting (not going to tell it here, since really, it is crashy). I’ll have it fixed at some point, probably not for 6.0, more likely 6.x

You’re seeing the OpenGL basic drawing that is cut.

Yay :slight_smile:


p.s. thanks for testing!

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