Half-edge Data Structure?

To create regions from curves you can also use Geometric Region by Heteroptera plug-in.

I understand you need the code, maybe you can send an email to the developer asking for sone insights for the component. Good luck!

Thanks, the developer of course can’t share his code and he used c# or vb.
in the ink posted by @laurent_delrieu there is a vb code but like c# i don’t understand how to convert it to python

I try this logic from Multiple curves intersection
curve( iA ) x curve ( iB ) >>> points
In this example: first 4 points index: 0,1,3,9

To find them:
i take first two values:


Than i cull values which have length 1 (as list)

And finally the first region limit: curves and points

I test it for this example but i am not sure if it will work in different cases

The last region created from the rest of index

intersection logic.gh (43.8 KB)