HAL Robotics Framework 1.0: Beta announcement

Announcing: The HAL Robotics 1.0 beta versions of the Core feature-set and the Grasshopper client application are now available.

The Hall Robotics Framework provides powerful tools to model, program, simulate, and control industrial machinery directly from McNeel products.

Users that download the 1.0 beta will be able to test and break work-in-progress versions of:

  • Accurate real-time simulation
  • Trajectory diagnosis including detection of out-of-reach and singular positions
  • Motions specified in Cartesian or joint spaces
  • Simulation of blended motions
  • Online preset catalogs accessible from within Grasshopper, of robots, tools and controllers ready to drop into your scripts
  • Program translation to ABB RAPID, KUKA KRL or Universal Robots URScript
  • Lightweight installer which allows you to add, remove, and update extensions to the framework with ease
  • Cloud-based licenses to share between your own computers or your whole organization
  • User interface adapting to the level of control you need

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Posted Sep 20, 2017 by Delia Robalo on Rhino News, etc.