HAL Robot Programming & Control plugin for Grasshopper (for ABB, KUKA and Universal Robots)

HAL 5.3 is the new version of the HAL Robot Programming & Control plugin for Grasshopper. This new version is fully compatible with Rhino5 32 and 64bits, and runs on Grasshopper 0.9.007x versions.

This update introduces:

  • support for** GCode **via the Program Importer component, to allow you to convert code from any external CAM solution to ABB Rapid, KUKA KRL or Universal Robots URScript.
  • support forstationary tools and mobile reference systems for ABB and KUKA robots. In addition, it is now possible to modify the reference system of every target of a tool path, but also to alternate between mobile and stationary tools at any time.
  • a new massive robot library including 85 high quality robot presets, and a new feature in the Robot Creator component to allow you to save your preset.
  • real-time monitoring of any ABB RAPID variable declared in a module.
  • constant speed motion interpolation for Universal Robots.
  • fixes for HAL 5.0, including bugs in KUKA KRL and Universal Robots URScript and graphical glitches.

HAL 5.3 is available on Food4Rhino and the HAL website

Posted Feb 24, 2015 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.