Had No Idea Mechanical Keyboard Would Be So Good for Rhino

Recently, I replaced my quite worn keyboard that had sadly tilting spacebar with a mechanical keyboard with Cherry Red keyswitches, only to find that it helps with Rhino 3D a surprising amount. I think it it helps because there are a lot of key combinations.

I remember when I was a game level designer, using GTK Radiant. I wanted footpedals for CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT.

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a keyboard with mechanical switches is always good - not just for rhino (OK, not in laptops due to size of course)

wanna know more, take a look at:

I’ve recently purchased a Filco Majestouch with brown switches, I can honestly say it’s the best hardware upgrade i’ve made to date. It’s a pleasure to use and my typing is a lot faster.

as long as we are talking about keyboards I thought I would share my favorite: the IBM (not Lenovo) ThinkPad keyboard. I’ve been hoarding them for a few years, not sure the details of the switching but I can say it is undeniably the best typing and Rhino-ing experience I am aware of.

mx browns are the ones everyone chooses when buying the first mecha. but after a while and after trying other switches you’ll come to the conclusion that browns are among the worst mx switches available.

you should really try something with real mechanical switches, you’ll love it.

the thing is I don’t hit the keyboard hard, I’ve got that light touch! I’ve always thought the mechanical was oriiented to the hard-hitters…no?

nooo, absolutely not. mechanicah switches exist witch many different spring weights. so you can have really light ones like mx-reds (45g) or mx-blacks (60g) which are mostly perceived as “normal” or more heavy ones like mx-clears (65g).
you should really check out the links I posted further up.

OK! I’ll check it out.

massdrop is also a good source if you wanna start with a less generic kind of keyboard.
if you’re so into thinkpad style, there is even a small company offering a mecha with a trackball:

but be careful with the tex yoda, not everyone is happy with this one.