Hacktoberfest: Contribute to open source projects!

For most of the open source projects that ship with Rhino, we prefer using YouTrack, since it allows us more flexibility compared to Github issues.
For rhinoscriptsyntax, my suggestion would be to open an issue using the Subsystem: SDKPython: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issues/RH?q=Subsystem:%20{SDK:%20Python}%20. Otherwise, feel free to open a new thread here, or add a comment on a relevant thread and we can make a YouTrack issue.

If you want to actually propose this via a code contribution, my suggestion would be to:

  1. Create an issue which outlines your proposal
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Make a branch in your forked version
  4. Make your edits
  5. Commit your changes, and push to the remote
  6. Open a Pull request on the original code repository, referencing the issue

If any of that is new to you, but you’d like to contribute via a Pull Request, we are happy to help you get going.
Same goes for the rest of the repos I listed. Also note, that a contribution via a Pull Request need not be code, it could be adding some information to help document something, for example, some method in an sdk that hasn’t been properly documented.
My intention with this is to see where we might not be doing such a good job of letting people know how to contribute.