_gvMeshRepair (Matrix) substitute?

Matrix has a command called _gvMeshRepair that can take a series of closed AND open surfaces and polysurfaces, and converts them to meshes while closing any openings (not always elegantly, if the opening is too large) and boolean unioning them together.

It clearly uses some existing Rhino commands plus some secret GemVision voodoo. I’ve been combing Food4Rhino for a plugin that does the same thing in raw Rhino, but can’t definitively identify anything. Does anyone either know of a plugin that will sub for the Matrix command -OR- know exactly what _gvMeshRepair is doing behind the scenes, in sequence?


Is there a reason you can’t use the original?

Certainly—while I have used Matrix, I myself don’t own a license.

I see, their pricing is eye-watering indeed, their product needs to save a whole lot of time on a lot of projects to earn itself I guess.
Looking at this Matrix Mesh repair - YouTube it does a set of complicated operations which take a long time (3 min on that complicated example), but what exactly and in what order I can’t tell.
I don’t think it can be replicated exactly, for example the faceted meshing of small spheres is not in rhino afaik. It looks like a combination of meshing, Boolean operations on meshes and edge matching (MatchMeshEdges command).

Does Rhino have such a command? (or another drawing program)

Completely forgot I’d opened this topic (teehee?) and it’s been a while since I logged in, but after looking for solutions on the web in the two intervening years, it would seem that the Shrink Wrap command in R8 is the best answer. The videos that Kyle did on the process are pretty exciting.

Check this one too

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