GumballRelocate for grouped objects?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to set up a stored gumball position for grouped objects?
I can use GumballRelocate to set an origin to move a single object from or around, and reset it to get it back “home” just fine however, I often need to move groups of objects in relation to others. (polysurfaces representing a door on hinges for example)
My current work-around is drawing little cross-hair curves in the group for snapping and rotate2d/3d but, it feels like a needlessly complicated solution.
Is there a command that would allow me to GumballRelocate for a group? and a command to automatically “rehome” them from where I started?
Like “Set Position-Scale-Rotation” and “Reset Position-Scale-Rotation”
Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious :slight_smile:

Have you tried to create a block instead of grouping your objects?

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Ah, yes that helps a little, thank you… The next issue is creating some sort of Parent/Child hierarchy of blocks, for example a “foot” block is child to the “knee” block. Rotate the knee, the foot moves with it. Rotate the foot, it moves alone. Essentially I’m after a very rudimentary way to check collisions.
(In the past Ive worked around this by exporting the assembly, setting pivot points and hierarchy in an animation package but its time consuming and seems simple, Id love to be able to check quickly inside rhino)

I’m using Elefront to create blocks.

I see. I’ve been using rhino to model for a few years but grasshopper and its plugins are completely new to me. More things to learn :slight_smile:

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