Gumball woes

Why does Gumball set “ToObject” on a closed curve like a rectangle insist on centering itself on the corner (curve start point) - instead of the center of the rectangle - while a planar surface of the same size does get the center? If Gumball is set to CPlane it does get the center of the rectangle, but if the rectangle is not aligned along the plane axes, the gumball axes are then not in line with the rectangle direction.

Why, with Gumball set ToObject, when I try to relocate the gumball to the center of the aforementioned rectangle, does it not stay there? As soon as it is deselected/reselected, it goes back to the corner.

For a closed planar curve, with the “ToObject” setting, it would be far more logical to have the Gumball default to the centroid of the curve, not the start point.


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Hi Mitch - for one thing is looks like Help needs a tune up since it claims To Object for curves will align to the curve direction; should be for Planar curves… But, setting to planar curve start point… has just been the way it was implemented as far as I know. So far I cannot find any specific explanation in my emails or the bug tracker.

This is fixed in V6…