Gumball with two points

I know this is pretty specific, but if just two points (or control points) are selected and Gumball is set to “object”, could Gumball assume the two points form a line and set itself parallel to the line with the center midway between the two points? That would be handy for me for a few operations and I don’t currently see a downside - does someone else see one?



basically it would skip the step of reorienting if i understand.

i really like the idea a lot!

Hi Mitch, I take it you mean two adjacent control points, right, or any two control points?


I think any two control points… The idea is that it implies a line. Up to the user to pick the right ones… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks, --Mitch

It would be good if repositioning/reorienting the Gumball was easier in general. I often find myself zoomed in close to move something a tiny amount and my Gumball is off screen. Perhaps an option to move it whilst retaining all of the current axis would be useful, so you just have to click once to set the new origin.