Gumball Wish: object oriented saved to object (pivot point)

Hi guys, I wish for an Gumball update.

When I make a subD box and have gumball sat to world and I rotate the object with the gumball the widget rotates with it, but then if I unselect and selects again it is resat to world. All good and expected since it is world oriented… but I guess it should reset after the rotate too… but that is not the wish. The wish is that if i now change to OBJECT oriented I expect the widget to have been rotated with the object so I can keep on scaling and moving perpendicular to the box, but now the widget is resat to world.

So I wish that the object oriented widget is a object linked so if I swap to and from world oriented doesn’t matter.

I guess I really wish for Rhino to have what other apps call pivots that are part of the object and that can be called from scripts, with position and rotation in three axis and with ability to reset.

AND that this info is exportable to fileformats like obj and fbx so we can continue to manipulate the object in other apps like TwinMotion.

Sort of linked to this, I wondered if a gumball position could be saved to a named selection. Maybe that could be a halfway solution too.

Thanks for the information. We’ll investigate what it might take to make subds have a predictable and persistent “object frame”.

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