Gumball type control for moving the perspective view?

Hi, V5

Imagine in perspective view an object like a book, its bottom edge nearest you.
I have need of keeping the bottom edge horiz whilst rotating it downwards to see more of its front cover and also get more of an oblique aft view of it. ( seeing more spine in other words)
If I use the normal perspective rotate tool I lose the horizontal bottom edge, it tilts.
If I had a gumball type control I could rotate to see more cover, then rotate to get a more oblique aft view keeping the bottom of the book still horiz.
Note I am wanting to move the view, not the actual object !


Hi Steve - when you get close, run this macro to true up the verticals:

_-ViewportProperties _Rotation 0 _Enter


Hi Pascal, thanks,
that did it by running command macroEditor, pasting that in and click run. :grinning:
then I created a new button on the views toolbar., pasted the macro into the left pane, gave it a tool tip.
rotated the view a bit more as not enough top surface showing, clicked the button to sort out hrz and nothing happened, so tried macroEditor, but again nothing happened. :worried:


The macros operates as expected here.

Does the RotateView command do the trick…
(On a Mac, ALT + Arrow keys)

Rodolfo Santos

I have used the macro a couple of times and after rotating my object to the angle of view I want, I run it and it makes the verticals on the object go upright.

HELP !!!
I have just run it and my circular items all on one axis have gone elliptical cross section north south (compressed east-west) whilst an item just drawn on it has been compressed top to bottom, so they did not get distorted evenly .
I cant seem to get my perspective view back to normal.

I dare not use that command again yet it was so useful.

Unless I can fix this, the entire scene, its my main project of 4 months is wrecked as I cant work with no perspective view, everything is distorted from circles to ellipses. I was just about to submit it as plans having run overtime by 4 weeks now…


What about saving your named views? That could help you revert to the camera angle of your preference. Also, you may want to reset the views via the '_4View or '_4View ZEA command.

I think the views are ok, grids look fine, the objects that were open (on show) were attacked, and distorted and shrank when the macro was run.
running 4view made no difference.

Something attacked the geometry, and that something was the macro, why I dont know, however the same file, its .3dmbak when opened was prior the macro, the file is many layers and 70Mb in size, it also acted up by displaying dashed circles which became solid or just vanished depending on how I moved one raster image or what view I drew anything in.

Something is going on.

I just tried, on the dashed circles V8 file, 4view and then _4view space and before I could type ZEA it had completed the command , the dashed circles have gone continuous so that may be worth noting for that issue !


Hi Steve,

Did you test the macro on your example file as suggested in the closed thread on this same topic? Were you able to reproduce the problem? Can you show evidence that supports your assertion? I tested it (giving you the benefit of the doubt even though I could see no way that macro could affect geometry as it included no geometry-related commands). It didn’t do any damage to the geometry in my tests on your file, done at your behest.

Several people with extensive experience of Rhino have said that the macro could not do what you said. You are outnumbered: if you cannot produce evidence that your assertion is correct then you really should consider that the balance of probability is that the majority is right and you are mistaken and something else, such as inadvertently dragging the gumball tail, scaled your active geometry. That way you can move on.

You have stated that you are working extremely long hours and not eating properly because you have fallen behind your deadline. Studies have shown that mistakes are much more likely when you follow such a regime too long. Tiredness makes your mind play tricks. Do yourself a favour and take a day off, have a rest, forget your project, eat well and come back more yourself. Your project will go better for it.


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