Gumball Transformations and undo limit

Hello all,

I am running into an interesting situation.

My undo memory is set to 350MB…

When performing normal rhino tasks I have all the undo’s I could ever want and everything is working fine. However, when I am moving large sets of surfaces (scan data 1643 surfaces to be exact) with the gumball Rhino is limiting me to one undo.

If I make one transform and then move the group, I only can undo the move, not the transform, Rhino cuts me back to the single undo. Am I maxing out my memory on one operation? This has never happened to me before…

Hi Tommy - does a Move and Undo (i.e. no gumball) restrict you the same way? If so (expected, by me anyway) , then yes, I’d say you are running out of Undo memory. For what it is worth, mine is set to 1024MB with 32 GB ram on the system.


Hello Pascal,

Move and Undo (no gumball) does restrict me in the same way.

I have changed my memory setting to match yours at 1024MB and I am past 2 undo’s with the large surface group!!!

much thanks!

I have two different undo memory values (shown in the following screenshot). Which one is true?

Hi - I’ve checked this on Rhino 6 and 7 on Windows and Mac and don’t see this. Please run the SystemInfo command and post the result here.