Gumball tooltip has to die!

Hi McNeelies
Please make the gumball tooltip either a) go away completely or b) “transparent”, so that you can move your cursor (and whatever object you are moving/scaling/rotating) through/over it. The fact that it blocks the cursor movement is rather annoying, to say the least.
TIA, Jakob


I just noticed that when the Gumball tooltip is visible, it is not possible to activate any keyboard shortcuts - also very annoying! It can be restored by manipulating the view, but still drives me mad like a hatter! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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At least make it optional so it can be turned off in the settings…

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Yes it completly blocks keyboard entry. Annoying…
It also missis “Alt-Drag” for copying

Yes, the tooltips leave a lot to be desired. Over the next few days I’m going to try an clean up these issues you mention. In the next WIP there’ll be a setting for you to put it down yourself. The issue for that is here.