Gumball snap behavior

I just noticed that when you turn Grid Snap on, Gumball rotations happen in 5 Degree increments.
This is so helpful ! If you could implement a way for the user turn this feature on for all translations, with custom set increments it would help work with “organic feel” without loosing the precision Rhino is famous of.

Keep in mind I do not refer to Snappy dragging which works just fine, but perhaps could be more appropriately renamed to O-Snappy dragging.

Hi Yianni,

Can you explain more about what you’d like to see here? The current behavior is to use the Grid snap spacing value from Options>Doc Props for control of the increment snap when translating and scaling via the Gumball. Rotate can also be switched numerically while rotating with the gumball to another angle increment by typing that value and pressing enter while still rotating, e.g. 45. Let me know if adjusting the Grid snap spacing is what you’re after for translation and scale or if I’ve misunderstood.

Thanks for the feedback!