Gumball reset

Is there another way to rest the gumball other than clicking on the white circle? Sometimes it is extremely difficult to click on. Ideally I would like to be able set up an alias for this but I can’t see reset gum ball as a command option.

I often struggle to get to the circle. It’s an obstacle to a fast workflow. I wish there was a key command that would tell Rhino that I want to snap the gumball to geometry. As it is you: select / click in the white circle / go to the top of the list and select Relocate / select geometry / hit Enter. That’s too many steps, even without zooming in to find the white circle. I’d like to able to hold down a key when I click on geometry and have the Gumball locate to that selection.

You could go to Options/Modeling Aids/Gumball and adjust the size of the Menu Ball, which will at least make it easier to click on.
Can you get any use out of the GumballAlignment command? If you invoke that and pick a different alignment reference from the one currently in use it effectively forces a reset to the new reference.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for that. I will try both your tips.

At present I very often extract a curve from an object that I want to set my cPlane to. I have an alias “cpo” for cPlane to object which I can very quickly apply to the object…but then… I have to click on that little circle… which many times requires me to modify my view… and after that select the reset gumball option from the menu…and finally reset my view to how I was working previously.

Hopefully after a bit of playing around the GumballAlignment command will give me a better way. Thanks.

make an alias for it…I have one for relocating it and one for resetting it.

Thanks for the tip Mark. I now have it sorted. Set up an alias that sets the alignment to object.

gumo = !_GumballAlignment _Object
gumc = !_GumballAlignment _CPlane

Now I can quickly toggle between the two and never have to go near the white circle to reset. Thanks :slight_smile:

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gumo = !_GumballAlignment _Object
gumc = !_GumballAlignment _CPlane

Sorry forgot to use the code tag in the post.

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