Gumball relocation issue/inconsistency (feature request)

Hi there,

I really like using the gumball wherever possible because it makes the workflow very fast. However I find that there is an inconsistency in relocating the gumball:

When you move a selected object by pulling a gumball handle (1D or 2D handle) and typing 0 in the command line, then that object is moved to 0 in either 1 or 2 directions, depending on the handle. That is very convenient and I use it a lot.

Now, when you relocate the gumball by pressing STRG while pulling a gumball handle (again, 1D or 2D handle) and type 0 in the command line, I would “expect” the gumball (without the object) moves to 0 in either 1 or 2 directions. But it doesn’t - it just drops where it currently is.

Here is a video showing

  • relocation of the object using gumball and typing 0
  • not working relocation of the gumball and typing 0
  • “kind of” workaround by placing a point at 0 and snapping the gumball to it

I would propose the gumball relocation works the same way as object relocation using the gumball.

What do you think?

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you can hot key the relocation of the gumball by adding an alias


Hello- got that, thanks - RH-69279 Gumball: relocate using zero


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Thanks for the tip, but honestly speaking initiating the relocation of the gumball was not the topic - it was typing 0 while relocating is already in progress.
By the way - at least on Windows (not sure about Mac) you don’t need to add an alias because STRG (most likely CTRL on Mac) does exactly that and saves a LOT of time by avoiding to type in the alias. :slight_smile:

Thank you - I appreciate that. And I must admit your title “Gumball: relocate using zero” would have been a lot better for what I was trying to say. :slight_smile: