Gumball relocation issue/inconsistency (feature request)

Hi there,

I really like using the gumball wherever possible because it makes the workflow very fast. However I find that there is an inconsistency in relocating the gumball:

When you move a selected object by pulling a gumball handle (1D or 2D handle) and typing 0 in the command line, then that object is moved to 0 in either 1 or 2 directions, depending on the handle. That is very convenient and I use it a lot.

Now, when you relocate the gumball by pressing STRG while pulling a gumball handle (again, 1D or 2D handle) and type 0 in the command line, I would “expect” the gumball (without the object) moves to 0 in either 1 or 2 directions. But it doesn’t - it just drops where it currently is.

Here is a video showing

  • relocation of the object using gumball and typing 0
  • not working relocation of the gumball and typing 0
  • “kind of” workaround by placing a point at 0 and snapping the gumball to it

I would propose the gumball relocation works the same way as object relocation using the gumball.

What do you think?

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you can hot key the relocation of the gumball by adding an alias


Hello- got that, thanks - RH-69279 Gumball: relocate using zero


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Thanks for the tip, but honestly speaking initiating the relocation of the gumball was not the topic - it was typing 0 while relocating is already in progress.
By the way - at least on Windows (not sure about Mac) you don’t need to add an alias because STRG (most likely CTRL on Mac) does exactly that and saves a LOT of time by avoiding to type in the alias. :slight_smile:

Thank you - I appreciate that. And I must admit your title “Gumball: relocate using zero” would have been a lot better for what I was trying to say. :slight_smile:

RH-69279 is fixed in the latest WIP

@brian Thanks for the info. I have checked it but unfortunately it does not completely work as it should:

1.) 1D handles - OK
When relocating the gumball is active and one of the 1D handles is grabbed and then 0 is typed in with enter it moves the gumball (pivot point) in the selected dimension to zero. Thats fine and works like expected.

2.) 2D handles - Not OK
When relocating the gumball is active and the 2D handle is grabbed and then 0 is typed in with enter it moves not the gumball pivot point but the 2D handle in both dimension to zero. Thats not useful and should be corrected so that in this case the gumball (pivot point) is moved in 2 dimensions to zero. In other words grabbing the 2D handle and entering zero should be like moving both 1D handles to zero in one step.

Besides the issue above I think people (including me… of course :grinning:) would appreciate to get this feature already in V7. I don’t think it is very hard or time consuming to implement. But that’s just my guess.

What do you think?

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@brian @pascal - here is a video showing the issue I mentioned yesterday with the new implementation in the latest WIP (gumball relocation with typing 0 using 1D handles now works perfectly, but using 2D handle does not):

I hope this helps to further improve this feature.

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Hi Ore - Thanks, I’ve checked with the developer.


@brian @pascal
I have checked the latest RH8 version (8.0.22277.12305, 2022-10-04) and the implementation now seems to work perfectly. So from my point of view RH-69279 can be marked as completed.

Thank you very much for your support to make this happen!