Gumball on Mac

The Gumball is not working at all. Tried resetting it, rebooting my Mac, nothing works. Anyone having this problem?

This started with the May 9th release of WIP8

Try moving the scale handle by using command-drag on the scale handle… After I did that, it worked mostly ok.

Turn off the tooltip to get it working well. (Settings-> Modeling Aids-> Cursor ToolTips → Uncheck “Gumball”)

This latest update turned the setting on

Thanks Jeff. That did it. Horrible without the Gumball not working.

Thanks for reporting. This is currently being worked on and will shortly improve.
I’ve added RH-74741 Gumball tooltips get focus and prevent Gumball from working correctly.

Had the same Gumball nightmare and turning off the tooltip get everything working again (& thanks for the instructions)

RH-74741 is fixed in the latest WIP. Please give it a try.