Gumball of the object

Is it possible to get access to the object gumball? Or maybe there is an event that is triggered when gumball is used?

I have this so far:

        private static void Command_BeginCommand(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
            string commandName = e.CommandEnglishName;
            if(commandName == "Drag")
                if (MouseCallback != null)
                    MouseCallback.Enabled = true;

But this can’t tell whether the user is dragging the object or using the gumball.
If I could get access to current/active gumball I could probably use the PickResult property?

Hi @granosky,

Sorry, no. What are you trying to do, and why?


– Dale

Hi Dale,
Thank you for reply!

We are doing an interactive isovist which is supposed to follow mouse when you move the observer/point. The problem is that I use the Command_BeginCommand function to determine the “drag” command that will run whenever you move the object or use gumball. If you just drag the object the logic works fine, the problem is when you move the object with gumball in a certain direction but the object still follows the mouse (see in the video).

The simplest method propably would be to read the object’s position when the “drag” command is executed. Then, we wouldn’t need to determine whether it was moved with the gumball or not.