Gumball Numeric textfield

I’m using Rhino 6 and I’m a big fan of the gumball.

I’m often using the numeric feature on the gumball. It requires a click on an arrow or pointer of the gumball. The textfield pops up and I can type a number, hit enter.

The repetitive use of the numeric feature could be optimized.

After clicking an arrow or pointer, to make it move or scale according to the value which is already in the textfield, I first need to move my mouse to be able to execute a right click.

Would it be possible to have the textfield pop up a small distance away from the mouse pointer so you can right click without having to move the mouse first?

Right now what I see when I click an arrow of the gumball is a two way arrow to change the size of the textfield…

Maybe this behaviour does have a purpose? If not, could the textfield location be altered slightly in order to eliminate moving the mouse, please?


Thanks, got that - did I correctly interpret your request?


Yes Pascal, thank you!

Pascal, I’ve upgraded to a 4K laptop workstation and got myself two additional 4K screens. Now I have a few scaling issues.

One of them is the size of the gumball numeric input field. It is smaller than the number in it.

Any help towards this issue and pointers towards optimal 4K display settings would be appreciated. Thanks!