Gumball not reorienting itself to center of object after Boolean Union

Noticed that if you join two poly surfaces via Boolean Union, the gumball does not re-center itself to the newly created poly surface. It retains its orientation around one of the objects pre-Boolean Union. You have to manually reset the gumball to orient to center. Kind of annoying for me but not sure if this is supposed to be a new feature or a bug?

Gumball Position Two Poly Surfaces Pre-Boolean Union

Gumball Position Two Poly Surfaces Post-Boolean Union

Hi Brady -

Thanks, I was able to reproduce that behavior in a specific case - RH-71537 Gumball: Sticks to latest object after Boolean union

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Thanks Wim

RH-71537 is fixed in the latest WIP

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There is some wacky stuff going on with the gumball and text right now too, I posted about it a little while ago.

Actually, It might be not a bug but a feature too. Based on the selection order in Boolean Solid operation new object inherits attributes from the used geometries.
Can we have the option to not relocate Gumball to the new position but inherit it from the first selected geometry? Having geometries that are not blocks, but have a distinct base point is helpful in conceptual modeling.