Gumball not reorienting itself to center of object after Boolean Union

Noticed that if you join two poly surfaces via Boolean Union, the gumball does not re-center itself to the newly created poly surface. It retains its orientation around one of the objects pre-Boolean Union. You have to manually reset the gumball to orient to center. Kind of annoying for me but not sure if this is supposed to be a new feature or a bug?

Gumball Position Two Poly Surfaces Pre-Boolean Union

Gumball Position Two Poly Surfaces Post-Boolean Union

Hi Brady -

Thanks, I was able to reproduce that behavior in a specific case - RH-71537 Gumball: Sticks to latest object after Boolean union

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Thanks Wim

RH-71537 is fixed in the latest WIP

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There is some wacky stuff going on with the gumball and text right now too, I posted about it a little while ago.