Gumball not moving Ghosted Block object in one view and disappearing like ghosts

OK this is strange… Not sure how I got here. Project started in Rhino5 transfered to Rhino 6…
In pcture below(front View) the selected object is an instance of an embedded block. I click I can select it:

But as soon as I click the Arrow to drag or double click to move a distance, only the Xand Z axis arrow are shown and the object will not move. I cannot select the Gumball option either. Deselect re-select and the Gumball scaling and rotation indicator reappear but no dice.


However if I go to another view like bottom or rigth, I have no ptoblem… Since those view are not ghosted, I tried to change the view to other mode (wire frame, Shaded, rendered and the object disappear. They are two instances of the same object on the drawing and they both disappear. Looks like I have real ghosts

Hi Jean-Marc - what does the ‘What’ command say about this object? is it just as large as the image shows or are there other elements in the block that are off screen? It doe not look like it but just checking…


Here it is:

I do not understand the count of 5. only two are visible.

OK… thanks. I do not have an idea - if it’s allowed, I’d like to have the model - even a pared down version that has this block in it and shows the problem on your system. ( and confidential, please send it if you can, I’ll take a look)


Hi Jen-Marc - thanks, there is certainly something amiss here - the display part is due to the Fuse layer being locked - that bug I can reproduce here with a new file, but I cannot reproduce the not-moving-block yet from scratch. The locked block definition layer should not affect the instance on another layer, so, still digging…

For the disappearance part -

for the rest-


The display I can effectively have it not disappeared by unlocking, however they are two other fuses different block and different layer but they do not disappear just get greyed out. why the different behaviour or this is a bug?

Yes unlocking does nothing ofr me to be able to move.

RH-44782 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate