Gumball Memory for Numeric Input Wish

The Gumball has grown on me, and I use it more and more. However, when I’m using numeric input, I often shift back to using stand alone commands like Rotate or Scale because they remember the latest input value and save me having to retype it. Very handy when I want to make the same transformation to a number of objects. I would like it if the input boxes displayed the last used value, but high-lit. Then Enter would complete the action with the shown value, or one could just begin typing to overwrite with a new value.

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Mark, is this per axis, do you think? i.e. Red would remember its 3 values separately from blue and green?

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maybe double-clicking an arrow/handle/rotator moves the last value?
(just an idea)

Per axis makes sense to me. And how about each axis remembering a short stack of 3 or 4 most recently used unique values, with the mouse wheel rolling among those values whenever that particular axis is accepting new values. Perhaps the exact number of values in the stack could be user configurable depending on how good the user’s memory is. :smile: I don’t think it would be practical or desirable to display all the stored values at any time. Rolling them through the edit box should be sufficient.

Per axis would be the most versatile I think. The rolling list is a nice idea; then the gumball could be used kind of like Nudge Keys, but with infinite axis instead of just three pre-defined ones.