Gumball location of multiple objects, group of objects, block, staying persistent

I can’t make sense of the logic is for gumball location. I do a lot of clicks to relocate gumball where I want in to be (like a hinging location and orientation of a part) only to later come back to the same part/selection/group/block and finding the gumball being out of place. What am I missing?

Hi Gustavo - for now, the ‘logic’ is that there is no remembering of the Gumby for any multiple selection - it resets every time. This is of course a pretty often commented-on limitation… as far as I know there is no remedy in the works. A possible workaround in some cases is to Block a set of objects, making it only a single thing so the custom orientation is remembered.


Hi Pascal, oh so If it turn them in to a block, and relocate my gumball outside of the block-edit mode it works, I missed that such approach would work. I think what I’m really after is the ability to have objects to be children of other objects. So I can move the parent (from its locator/gumball) and all the children will move/rotate accordingly. But then I can also move each children individually if I want to. Makes sense?


Hi Gustavo- it makes sense - there’s currently no way that I know of to do this reliably using gumball. It is possible, I say at the risk of getting in over my head, that Rhino Common and Python could be used to hack something at least workable.


I love risk

It’s my head.

I use the parenting multiple objects to one object or what is sometimes called an empty in animation programs. The only way I know of doing the same thing in Rhino is to use Grasshopper. Here’s an example using a Crv and Brep component fed into an Orient. With Grasshopper in v6 now it’s fairly painless.

yup that’s what I’m talking about Brian, I just want to do it without having to go into geek-mode. Any chance we can get this V6? or does it come at least in Bongo? I’d buy it just for this.


hey @pascal, I also found a bug here in V5.

If I copy-paste a block the pasted version keeps the gumball location of the original. GOOD

If instead I select the original block and right-click on a layer name to do “copy to layer”, then the gumball gets reset to center of bounding box of that block. BAD.


I’m sure you could do the same in Bongo using constraints but I also had another idea which might be easiest of all. CageEdit seems to work for this too if the control is a simple plane. Thanks for making me think of this!

Hi Brian,

I don’t understand your solution… Some questions:

if so, I’d love to know how you make that work with Cage. Thanks,


Yes, the gumball would be at the center of the control object plane. The gumball for the control also will follow the orientation of the plane the same as it would normally for a gumball on a plane. If it is ever off of the plane’s normal you can just set it back to by object in the gumball settings. The objects are not grouped but instead are all captives of the same control. If you move one of the captives you’ll break the CageEdit association… you can only move the control. You can run CageEdit again and pick the same control object to add items. If they are organic or cylindrical using this method may add isocurves to the objects with accurate chosen in the CageEdit settings.

I still prefer using Grasshopper for this though! You can add objects to the brep component going into the orient and isocurve density doesn’t get added.