Gumball linear movement based on percentage of size of current selection

I have a feature request… well or at least an idea to discuss:

Currently clicking on one of the three (x,y,z) arrows of the gumball allows entering the distance (positive or negative) in the active document units. The value entry field also allows entering formulas like 15/2 which would then move by 7.5 units.

What I am missing here is a way to enter a percentage, namely a percentage of the Box Edit size of the current selection.

Idea 1)
In the following example the selection has a (Box Edit) size of 0,20,0 (in x,y,z). So moving in y direction by -50% would be like entering -10 (or -0.5*20 to work with the percentage). But in case of values like 123.456789 which is normally not even shown fully in the Box Edit size fields, entering a percentage value would be a real time saver.

Entering -50% for y movement:


Idea 2)
Alternatively a placeholder for the Box Edit sizes like $y would of course be even better (and probably easier to implement). This would allow entering -$y/2 in the above demo or -0.5*$y to better show the percentage idea.

Entering -0.5*$y for y movement

The 50% example is probably not the best, since moving by 50% is actually easy to do with other methods, but imagine you want to move by exactly 1/3 of the size which is not 20, but for example 123.456789 units, as mentioned above.

I would personally prefer idea 2. If that’s already implemented, and it’s just me not knowing, please give me a hint where to find more about it. :slight_smile:

Have you messed with drag strength any?It might help. Sorry for the short explanation, short on time—-Mark

Hello - yeah, DragStength is the command to check here.


@pascal @markintheozarks Thanks for the quick reply, but as far as I can see DragStrength does not at all what I want. I am not searching for a way to modify how dragging the x,y,z handles behaves - because I do not want to drag the handles at all (in this case).

I want to enter a value in the text field that opens when clicking on one of the handles. More specifically I want to enter a formula that allows referencing the size of the current selection with a placeholder (variable name). So instead of entering -10 or -20/2 or -0.5*20 I want to enter something like -0.5 * $y where $y is the y size as shown in Box Edit of the current selection.