Gumball is still wacky

Latest SR candidate… Still have arrows disappearing and this time something new - scale handle on the same side as the arrow… check out the blue direction…


OK… not seeing that here yet, but who knows what build I have at any given moment - I’ll check with the official RC - thanks.
Nope, still looks OK here.

@Helvetosaur , does this look the same on all of your machines? Is it always like this where it does show up?


Nope… It shows up “periodically” in a modelling session… But on pretty much all of my machines. I’ve never seen the scale handle like the image I posted tho, most of the time there is one of the handles or arrows that doesn’t show up, panning or tumbling the view brings it back most of the time, but a few times I have had something like an arrow missing for an entire session…