Gumball in wrong place on creation of a linked block


I created a block from a closed polysurface in a model and the gumball appears where I expect, at the block base point. Then I export the block and, from the block manager, link the block in my model to the file I’ve just exported. In the exported file, the polysurface is positioned so that the block base point I chose in my model is at 0,0,0. Now when I select the block in my model the gumball is not at the block base point but rather out in space.

What seems to be happening is that the gumball is positioned in space as if 0,0,0 were the place where I set the block base point in my model.

Any thoughts?


Hi Nick,

I’m not able to reproduce this issue here. Would it be possible for you to share the block file and the one you’ve linked it into? You can email to my attention if it’s confidential. Please also let me know the version of Rhino 5 you’re using.

I see this here…

  1. Make a box.
  2. Move it so that one corner is off some distance from the origin, say at 100,100, 0
  3. Block it, set the base point at this corner.
  4. Select the instance and Export.
    5.BlockManager> Select the block and in its Properties, Link it to the exported file.
  5. Update the block in BlockManager.

The instance moves a further 100,100, 0 away units and the insertion point is at 100,100,0

Nick, you should export the block from BlockManager- what is happening in your case is that you end up linking a block to a file that contains a block instance of a box, and not a file that contains just a box.


Hi Pascal,

I am not exporting the block from the file menu but from the block manager. The linked file is therefore a closed polysurface or whatever and not a block.


Hi Brian,

I will send you something later today,


Hi @nikkkko - the model you sent us has an offset model base point- this can happen when opening dwg files that are set up this way - is that where this file originated? At any rate, it will behave again (making and then linking new blocks) if you reset the model base point to the world origin:

ModelBasePoint W0,0,0

Any luck with that?


I don’t remember the origin of this file - perhaps it was a dwg - but I’ve never knowingly used the ModelBasePoint command : )

In any event that was the problem,