GUMBALL in version 7 (7.11.21293.09002, 2021-10-20)

Hello All,

I’ve just updated rhino (I believe the one in the title is the latest version?) and I’m noticing something weird with the gunball, it’s not a big deal but I am just wondering if this is the case for everybody or if I am doing something wrong.

now, I don’t know the correct names but I’ll try my best.
in a 2d view, the gunball (default set-up) shows 2 arrows, one goes up (and down), one goes right (and left), and then there is the square in between that allows me to move in both directions freely on that plane.
since the update, if I use the square I can move in both directions but only sticking to the vertical and horizontal and only allows me to move freely in the plane if I turn ‘ortho’ off.
as I would use the dedicated arrows (up/down, right/left) to move along the vertical horizontal (orthogonal) direction, I only use the square to move freely on the plane.

I know it’s a very niche little issue but as I use the gunball a lot it bothers me a great deal: any way to put this back to what it was before?

Hi Irene -

In 7.12, the gumball should again behave as it did with regards to the 2D plane and ortho
(per change documentation item RH-65298). You can change your update settings to “Release Candidates” to automatically download the latest 7.12 version.

Thank you I’ll try that!