Gumball in Fologram

Hi commnuty,

does anybody know whether there exists a function such as gumball in Fologram?

All I want to do is to move a single object fologramalong each axis and rotate directly in Fologram.

Hi Hyungjoo,

We don’t have a gumball tool in Fologram but you can definitely build one using the Fologram components. This is non-trivial as you need to be able to switch between selecting objects in your model, selecting parts of the gumball widget, and then controlling the move or rotation operations.

I assume you are working with a phone? I’ve attached two definitions. One lets you move objects around with a pick and place mechanic - it finds the object closest to a point about 300mm in front of your screen and then moves this with the relative movement of your device. This is relatively simple and a nice enough UI for screen space on the phone. The other is an implementation of the gumball that you’re interested in. To use this you tap an object to display the gumball for that object, then tap one of the gumball arrows or rotation discs to move or rotate the object with the relative motion of your phone. It is a bit trickier to control - but perhaps you can play with it to achieve the functionality you are interested in.

Fologram Basic Move With (50.0 KB)
Fologram (69.8 KB)


Hi Gwyl!
Do you have an updated version of this fologram gumball definition?
Seems to be built with some older Fologram components…

oh boy… it’s been three years but I’m gonna try my luck anyway, is there any chance to find or get an updated working version of this? when I open the .gh file it says it could not find 4 components.

@gwyllim.jahn I really hope you see this, I need it for a class

Hi @nikespe

Yep I did see this. A similar definition using the new Fologram components can be found here: How to limit movements and prevent scaling of objects in Fologram space? - Tech Support - Fologram

Once you understand the logic it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt this to other motion constraints or to add rotation and so on if needed.