Gumball gets in the way of object selection

It often happens that I want to add objects to a selection but cannot as the Gumball controls get in the way. For example if I want to add the points in the yellow circles to the selection I instead activate the Gumball Scale type-in number box.
If the way to add objects to a selection is to hold down Shift and click on an object, would it not make sense to disable Gumball controls automatically while Shift is held down?

This could also apply to accidental dragging of objects while trying to add them to a selection: dragging objects could also be automatically disabled while Shift is held down…

Hello - Shift controls what Gumball controls do - changes scaling from 1d to 3d. But you can force the gumball to not size itself to the selection using GumballScaleMode and setting that to ‘relative’.


Ah, right…
Shame, this wouldn’t be an issue if Rhino used the windows standard of holding down Ctrl to add to selections :upside_down_face:

…how about being able to pick ‘through’ larger scale buttons? :sunglasses: