Gumball features

Hello all,

Beginner here, I was watching the tutorials on gumball ( and found that certain functions just did not seem to work for me. I made a simple box with the solid tool and found that I could not select just one surface of the box with command/control + shift + left click as mentioned in the video around 3 min. I know that the command/control functions on mac are different from windows and watched in a tutorial that I simply had to use command instead of control to get the fucntions to work. I tried all variations and cannot seem to get it to work. I just get a pop up menu on object properties. Am I just hitting the wrong keys or is this function just not available all together?

The keys to press to select a face (or border ) are shift ⇧+ cmd ⌘+ left click.
Let me advise you to use the help (?) During modeling. Entering the name of the command (or selecting it) will provide the information for proper use (often with gif)
Alternatively, select from the Help> Command Help menu

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Weird, it still did not work for me. Did I have to explode the box first before I clicked on a specific surface? Can you not select the surface of a closed object?

Works on closed objects. Try using the “ExtrudeSrf” command. Check in “System Preferences”> “Keyboard”> “Abbreviations”> “App Abbreviations” that there are no key mappings that may cause problems.
Verify that the object is not in a blocked level.
If you’ve changed some of the Rhino commands settings, quit Rhino, reopen it, and try it again.
Try a different mouse.

Hi Jaqomatic - if you make a box, and hold Cmd-Shift and click on an edge of the box (in a wire frame view) you should get the pop-up menu asking what sub-object you want to select (Edges and faces of the box are available for sub-object selection) Do you not see that?