Gumball extrusion prompt


Quick post for some potential bug with command prompts.
When extruding using the gumball extrusion tool the prompt asks for a Z rotational angle. I can confirm this on mac in both v6 and WIP.

It does however work as expected

What version and service release of Mac Rhino is this?


Hi, I realise this was a not very good bug report.
I confirmed this happens in both rhino 6 and WIP for mac

Rhino 6 - Version 6 (6.25.20114.03572, 2020-04-23)
Rhino WIP - Version 7 WIP (7.0.20133.12126, 2020-05-12)

Got it thanks.

RH-58542 Gumball: Clicking Extrude ball shows wrong prompt

should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac Service Release. Thanks again for reporting this.