Gumball doesn't align to Box UV mapping widget - Bug?


I noticed that the gumball in align to object mode, aligns to planar mapping but not to box mapping widget.

Hello - I expect that is because there is no single plane that can be extracted or inferred from a box. A box-shaped extrusion (Box command default) has an extrusion definition, which does include a plane, to work with, but a brep box (Explode/Join an extrusion) loses this as well, and that is more analogous to the mapping widget, I would guess.


Hi @pascal,

I understand what you’re saying. But a box mapping widget cannot be exploded and that’s why I was expecting the gumball to keep the alignment. It could be an improvement.

Hi Bogdan - but, like a brep box, what plane would be used? There are six of them…


The same one used by the extruded box maybe?

Hello - but the point I was trying to make is that it is not an extrusion, so there is no one plane. It is more like a brep box. Which of the six planes should be used? An extrusion is not a six-plane object - - it is defined by a planar curve and a direction - that makes a single plane available.


Ok, I understand. So when I create the box I have the options of:
Bounding box - aligned with cplane or world plane. In this case should be the XY plane of world or cplane.
For diagonal should also be the bottom one.
For 3point should be the plane defined by those 3 points.

This is my suggestion.

Hi Bogdan - I am getting onto pretty thin ice, but yes, it seems plausible, to me, to establish a plane at creation time and update it with the box transforms.


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The box widget would be treated more like an extrusion rather than a polysurface.