Gumball doesn't align correctly when selecting the camera

I this might be a bug.
It’s quite inconvenient because I cannot movie the camera with precision on the grid…
Could you please look into it, thanks.

Hello - what happens if you set snappy dragging in the gumball menu?


Hi @pascal,

The same with Snappy, it is not correctly aligned.

Also, could you please introduce:

Camera location is very important and right now it is hard to pick those points and to manipulate them especially when there’s lots of geometry around.
thank you!

Hi Bogdan - here, with Snappy dragging the point hits the grid on both the ShowCamera camera and named view widgets.


For now, setting the selection filter to Control Points will probably help the selection part.


Hmm, thi is not what i mean.

Please check the video, you can see the wrong alignment of the gumball axes for the middle point.