Gumball does not snap or center on objects

This might not be related, but since I updated to the latest Windows 10 64bit version 1511, my gumball does not snap nor center on objects! All of my gumball settings are default. How do I fix this bug? This screengrab shows the gumball supposedly snapping to the lower left bottom corner of the square.

I don’t recall seeing this one before… are you using the latest Rhino 5 service release?

Yes, I’m running Version 5 SR12 64 bit. But I’ll download a new install file and re-install in case something got corrupted.

I’ve reinstalled Rhino 5.0 SR12 and the problem persists! Very annoying! I use the gumball all the time, so this really affects my workflow. Any solutions out there?

Try clicking on the white ball in the Gumball, and choose Reset Gumball

I’ve tried resetting the gumball by object, cplane and world as well as reset the gumball settings to default. It doesn’t fix it.

What version of Windows did you upgrade from? Are you noticing any other oddities?

I upgraded from Win 8.1 a few months ago, but I updated to the latest Win10 version last week. I haven’t noticed any other weird stuff with my other apps like Modo or Photoshop with cursor misalignment.

The Windows 10 upgrade does not automatically look for updated Win10 video drivers.
This leaves lots of users in a bit of a pickle.

I’d recommend checking for updated video drivers approved for Windows 10.
It may not fix this problem but it is the next obvious step towards resolution.

I’ve updated my video driver, but the problem persists. Is it possible for me to copy the script that creates the gumball, so someone at McNeel and check it for bugs?

Sometimes this snapping away from point problem is caused if you work in imported files (dwg,dxf) that are located far away from the origin point in Rhino.

If you have it in all files something else is wrong…