Gumball control

Hello everyone. I designed a surface and used rebuild to add control points. Now, I’m trying to use gumball to edit the surface and create depressions within It. But, when using the gumball the results are cones-like shapes with a narrow vertex , not smooth curves. I was wondering how to set this. Thanks!

normally rebuild create a uniform surface.
so your kink is abnormal.
without a 3dm file, I believe no one can help you.
the file should contain surface before rebuild and surface after rebuild
also you will have to tell us what exactly did you do to the surface
only rebuild? any other commands
if only rebuild, what kind of parameter? a screenclip would be nice

information should be adequate for others to help you.

Hi Antonio - hard to say without a file or image, but my guess is, assuming your rebuilt to degree 3 or more, you are seeing a display mesh that is too coarse for the edits in the surface.


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maybe is a degree problem. if you rebuild output is degree 2 will have kinks every 3 points. if it’s degree 3 should work fine

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