Gumball bug

after the latest update gumball keeps switching to smooth dragging from snappy.

Hi Aaron - on the fly, within a session, or as you open Rhino? Sounds like, maybe, settings are not being written cleanly. Is there only one session open?


on the fly.

Hi Aaron - is there only one Rhino open?


yes, just one sesh

yeah, it switches back every time after one move.

Hi Aaron - how are you setting snappy? Options, GumballSettings or the status bar menu? Does any of these stick?


I’m setting via the bottom status bar, as well as the popup… I’ll try GumballSettings

Hi Aaron - is there any difference? If it’s still doing this, try:
Options > Advanced page, type in Gumball in the filter at the top and look for the snappy gumball setting there - check the box and exit Options - does it stick?


that seems to be sticking!

Snappy-setting weirdness has started showing up for me as well this afternoon.